Inspiring a Sacred, Responsible Relationship with the Earth

The Olympic Mountain EarthWisdom Circle "OMEC" is a nonprofit organization established to transform human beings and our relationship with the Earth. OMEC inspires people around the world to heal themselves and their communities and to enjoy a passionate, sacred relationship with the living Planet we call Home.

A Sacred and Responsible Relationship with the Earth

OMEC teaches ancient and modern approaches that inspire a conscious and interdependent relationship with nature. It's programs are uniquely designed to shift the values and mindsets that contribute to environmental imbalance and to help people open to the Earth's natural healing forces.

OMEC networks with communities all over the world who share a deep concern for the Earth, our health, and the children of the future. 

Applying Earth-honoring wisdom ways and those derived from ancient indigenous peoples, OMEC explores beyond current paradigms of sustainability to help people see self inseparably from Earth - reviving the passion for life that comes from aligning with nature's deep mystery.

The Olympic Mountain EarthWisdom Circle was inspired by the work of award-winning author, Llyn Roberts, M.A., who has two decades of nonprofit experience, has worked closely with diverse indigenous groups for twenty years and has facilitated experiential educational seminars for thousands of people at prominent holistic educational institutes, colleges, universities, and around the globe.

OMEC empowers people to realize a deep sense of belonging with the natural world - and to seek fulfillment through higher purpose, bringing tangible benefit to people and nature. Its programs and materials inspire people to get healthy, to change their lives in positive ways and to do something good for us and the Earth!

"We live in an incredible time in the history of humanity. A time to go deeply within as well as deeply into the living wisdom of the Earth. We can navigate the chaos of our times, by respecting and harmonizing with our planet. As we do this we remember who we really are and our rightful place in an expanded reality. This is the time to open to our potential and recreate how we live." - The Cedar Woman, Llyn Roberts
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